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1-1 Coaching, Workshops & Keynotes
that elevate wellbeing & performance
in and out of the rink

Wellbeing = Performance

Wellbeing isn't just a state of mind; it's a catalyst for remarkable athletic achievements.

Athletes with strong wellbeing are better able to manage stress, navigate challenges, and stay laser-focused. This increased resilience helps prevent burnout and indirectly bolsters top-tier performance.

Hockey Woman

I support individuals and teams in recognizing and bridging the gap between wellbeing and achieving optimal performance

For Players

Accelerate your growth and potential both on and off the ice with personalized 1:1 coaching.

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For Coaches

Elevate your leadership skills & empower your team's success with coaching and workshops.

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For Organizations

Foster a psychologically safe culture by enhancing team dynamics with keynotes & workshops.

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For Alumni

Embrace this opportunity for growth & transformation. Discover the endless possibilities that await you off the ice, so you can thrive in your post-hockey endeavors.

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Kerry Marchment

I get it - hockey runs in my family's veins

I’m intimately familiar with hockey's impact because of my family's deep ties to the sport.

I’ve seen first-hand the pressures of competitive hockey - the countless hours of training, the ever-mounting performance pressures, and the struggle to find personal and professional balance.

This lifelong connection, training in applied neuroscience and extensive hours as a certified ICF Coach, make me the perfect partner for any competitive-level athlete, coach, or hockey organization.

A supportive path to greater performance & wellbeing

1:1 Coaching

Personalized support provides a safe space to empower your growth, helping you make informed choices and drive success.


Engaging group sessions foster skill development, teamwork, & personal and professional growth.


Inspiring talks offer valuable insights & strategies in impactful presentations.

What's most valuable is the ongoing impact Kerry's coaching has had on my overall well-being. I've learned to strike a better balance between my personal and professional life, leading to a more fulfilled and healthier lifestyle. I cannot overstate the positive influence she's had on my career and life, and I am deeply grateful for her guidance.

B.C . Chief Operating Officer

Kerry opens doors for me that I didn't know were closed - and she makes me excited to learn what is on the other side.


Working with Kerry over these past 6 months has been extremely life-changing. With her help, I have the tools, tips and resources to overcome any obstacle thrown at me.
I feel that my coaching journey has come full circle.
I will always be grateful & thankful for her time , talent and expertise.


Kerry is a compassionate, knowledgeable and motivating coach. Her expertise has helped guide me on a path of personal and professional growth for which I am very grateful.
Kerry's ability to mesh her extensive theoretical training with her insight and practical experience makes her a powerful resource/partner for any client!

L.C - V.P Human Resources

beyond the ice

Get ready to:

Increase confidence & focus to get to the next level while taking care of yourself and establishing personal and professional boundaries.
Develop a mindful and intentional approach to leading, becoming aware of how actions and decisions impact individuals, the team, and the organization.
Foster a safe and healthy culture for coaches and players to cultivate an environment that supports performance.

Latest blog posts

Why Me?
My "why" is rooted in the belief that everyone should have the chance to prioritize their humanity, and experience empowerment, confidence, safety, and well-being while pursuing their dreams and goals throughout all aspects of life.
Why Professional Coaching?
In the world of hockey, there's a commonly held belief that well-being and performance go hand in hand. After all, you're doing what you love, whether as a player on the ice or a coach guiding the way. You're active, athletic, and, by all accounts, doing well. It's a consensus that often leaves little room for empathy from the outside world.

Within a competitive hockey environment, fostering a values-based organization greatly improves the path to success. By embracing the principles of trust, safety, and open communication, teams cultivate a winning culture.